5000 People Enjoyed Tame Impala’s Jakarta Concert Last Year

The international psychedelic rock band came back to Jakarta last year. It has been 5 years they didn’t play in Indonesia. The concert happened in Lapangan Parkir Selatan Senayan and more than 5,000 people attended the show. The five members of the band were dressing with white doctor robes on stage, which added another “crazy nonsense” about them. The parking atmosphere was really hot because the AC was missing which leads the crowd to be crazier and crazier after every song! Even the singer said “a bit hot and sweaty, isn’t it?” at one point.

tame impala _kodsfreak - konserku
Tame Impala In Jakarta 2016 (Doc. by: Kodsfreak)

What makes this concert so inspirational is that the band came back 5 years after their last show here and all their Indonesian fans were looking forward so much to watch them performing live again, as they are much more famous nowadays! Konserku team would love to invite those kind of artists, requested by you, and we promise, we would provide air conditioner!

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